Take Control of Your Health Record

Healthspek is a free tool that allows you to easily track, collect and safely share your personal and family health records, manage medications and store legal documents.

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Manage your medical information and access it anywhere—all with this FREE resource available on the iPad and mobile web. Healthspek features include:




Choose from a variety of speks to display your vital health information at a glance.



Manage all personal, emergency, insurance, family and caregiver information.



Track your medications, conditions, family history, allergies, imaging and more.



Request and receive communications and medical records from your healthcare providers.



Doctors can have 24/7 access to your entire health record when you provide your Healthspek access code.


What's New

The Healthspek product is constantly evolving — we continue to incorporate user feedback to implement new features and functionality to make the iPad app and mobile website precisely suited to your individual needs. This means the power is in your hands. 

Here are some new additions in Version 1.2:

Request Charts From Your Doctor

Request Charts From Your Doctor

You can now request your doctor to send your chart electronically to your Healthspek record.

That means you can manage all of the information you input yourself, as well as information sent from your doctors. It drives home the idea that you own your chart.

Unique Email Address

Unique Email Address

You now have a unique Healthspek email address, as well as a unique Healthspek upload webpage.

Both of these addresses can be given to doctors, lab companies, and other external recourse so that they can send (or upload) documents directly to your Healthspek record.

New Feature: Legal Documents

New Feature: Legal Documents

Users can now upload living wills, powers of attorney and other legal documents into the Healthspek record, allowing for a secure and easily accessible solution for those who may need to view it. 

Though this can be a revolutionary resource for anyone, it holds special significance for those with chronic medical conditions, as well as those serving in a caretaker role for aging relatives. 

Take Control of Your Health Record

Maintain your personal and family health records in an easy-to-use iPad application.

Get started. It’s free!

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Healthspek Blog

March 24, 2015

Research And Connect With Agents In Your Area Through Insurance Finder

Healthspek now offers users another relevant tool to help you take control of your personal healthcare information: Insurance Finder, a free service to aid consumers in researching and finding trusted health and life insurance agents by location.

As a platform for individuals and families to track, collect and safely disseminate personal healthcare information, Healthspek utilizes healthcare technology to improve an often overlooked piece of the healthcare system: patient experience. Dozens of “speks” allow users to own and manage a variety of relevant healthcare needs from vitals and charts to a knowledge library on medical conditions, prescription refills and medication reminders, and ...Read More

March 19, 2015

Life Line Screening: Are Your Numbers In Order?

Healthspek Co-Founder and COO Bruce LeFew recently attended his first appointment with Life Line Screening, a service that screens people nationwide for cardiovascular risk factors, diabetes and more. Read about his experience below: 

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. In fact, 70 percent of adults ages 55 and up have two or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease, often without showing any symptoms.

Just like you know your weight and height, you should know if you have underlying risks for heart disease. 

You've probably been told about the imporance of ...Read More

March 10, 2015

Users Like You: Mike

One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs is hearing from you, the customer, about ways that Healthspek has improved your life. We recently got to speak with one such user in Texas who shared his story with us.

Mike lives with his wife in Texas and travels often for work. As someone with a number of medical issues, he needed a better way to keep his important medical information with him while he was away from home.

After buying an iPad two years ago, Mike began searching through the Apple Store for an app that could serve as ...Read More

March 06, 2015

Let's Talk Mobile Healthcare

Attention all Middle Tennessee Healthspek users and those of you interested in mobile healthcare and want to learn more:

Are you looking for an easier way to collect health records and other information for spring break, school field trips and summer camps? Or do you need a better way to manage your aging parents' healthcare information? Well we're hosting an event at Westhaven in Franklin, Tenn., next Thursday, March 12, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to talk about just that! 

All are welcome to join us as we discuss the mobile healthcare trend, answer questions and of course, share ...Read More