Take Control of Your Health Record

Healthspek is a free tool that allows you to easily track, collect and safely share your personal and family health records, manage medications and store legal documents.

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Manage your medical information and access it anywhere—all with this FREE resource available on the iPad and mobile web. Healthspek features include:




Choose from a variety of speks to display your vital health information at a glance.



Manage all personal, emergency, insurance, family and caregiver information.



Track your medications, conditions, family history, allergies, imaging and more.



Request and receive communications and medical records from your healthcare providers.



Doctors can have 24/7 access to your entire health record when you provide your Healthspek access code.


What's New

The Healthspek product is constantly evolving — we continue to incorporate user feedback to implement new features and functionality to make the iPad app and mobile website precisely suited to your individual needs. This means the power is in your hands. 

Here are some new additions in Version 1.2:

Request Charts From Your Doctor

Request Charts From Your Doctor

You can now request your doctor to send your chart electronically to your Healthspek record.

That means you can manage all of the information you input yourself, as well as information sent from your doctors. It drives home the idea that you own your chart.

Unique Email Address

Unique Email Address

You now have a unique Healthspek email address, as well as a unique Healthspek upload webpage.

Both of these addresses can be given to doctors, lab companies, and other external recourse so that they can send (or upload) documents directly to your Healthspek record.

New Feature: Legal Documents

New Feature: Legal Documents

Users can now upload living wills, powers of attorney and other legal documents into the Healthspek record, allowing for a secure and easily accessible solution for those who may need to view it. 

Though this can be a revolutionary resource for anyone, it holds special significance for those with chronic medical conditions, as well as those serving in a caretaker role for aging relatives. 

Take Control of Your Health Record

Maintain your personal and family health records in an easy-to-use iPad application.

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Healthspek Blog

May 20, 2015

Skin Cancer Awareness Month And Taking A Proactive Approach To Your Health

We’ve talked a lot lately about the importance of being proactive about your personal healthcare and tools—like Healthspek—that are available to you to help you take control of your healthcare and medical records.

The reason is this: a hands-on approach to your health can save you money, time and potentially save your life. That’s also why we’ve joined the discussion about skin cancer and the Skin Cancer Foundation’s proactive attitude toward this deadly disease during Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

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May 12, 2015

Guest Blog Post: Cowboy Boots & Nashville ER

Beth Minter is a Franklin-Belle Healthcare Recruiter for the The Woodmansee Group headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. She wrote the following blog post on her LinkedIn page on April 23, 2015, detailing her personal hospital experience and the frustrations patients often face trying to collect more information about their personal healthcare. 

Electronic health records like Healthspek can help make that process easier by streamlining all of your personal medical information onto one secure, easy-to-navigate platform. Healthspek also offers services to help you collect health records from doctors, tests results and more.

And most importantly, be proactive about your healthcare. ...Read More

May 05, 2015

Healthspek Crosses A Milestone

In less than two years, Nashville-based healthcare technology startup Healthspek has earned national accolades, transitioned from an award-winning iPad app to a universal mobile platform and built an impressive base of users. Now the company has reached another milestone: more than $1 million raised from private investors across the country.

Local healthcare technology veterans Randy Farr and Bruce LeFew leveraged their 50+ years of industry experience to launch the company that won the coveted APPY Award in its first year of operation. As a “wallet for life,” Healthspek aggregates medical information from doctors, users and third parties – creating a secure ...Read More

April 16, 2015

National Healthcare Decisions Day: Let's Start The Discussion

Today is the 8th Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day, a day when people across the nation are encouraged to sit down and talk about advance directives. We’ll start the conversation with ‘What is National Healthcare Decision Day?’

According to the official website, the National Healthcare Decisions Day was instituted eight years ago to inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning.

It’s an initiative to encourage people across the nation to talk about their wishes regarding their healthcare and for healthcare providers and facilities to respect those wishes, and it unites the healthcare, ...Read More