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What's New

The Healthspek product is constantly evolving — we continue to incorporate user feedback to implement new features and functionality to make the iPad app and mobile website precisely suited to your individual needs. This means the power is in your hands. 

Here are some new additions in Version 1.2:

Request Charts From Your Doctor

Request Charts From Your Doctor

You can now request your doctor to send your chart electronically to your Healthspek record.

That means you can manage all of the information you input yourself, as well as information sent from your doctors. It drives home the idea that you own your chart.

Unique Email Address

Unique Email Address

You now have a unique Healthspek email address, as well as a unique Healthspek upload webpage.

Both of these addresses can be given to doctors, lab companies, and other external recourse so that they can send (or upload) documents directly to your Healthspek record.

New Feature: Legal Documents

New Feature: Legal Documents

Users can now upload living wills, powers of attorney and other legal documents into the Healthspek record, allowing for a secure and easily accessible solution for those who may need to view it. 

Though this can be a revolutionary resource for anyone, it holds special significance for those with chronic medical conditions, as well as those serving in a caretaker role for aging relatives. 

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Healthspek Blog

September 02, 2015

Healthspek Launches Healthspek Precision Medicine

We are excited to finally announce announced that we, as a company, have expanded our commitment to providing consumers with tools and resources to take control of their personal healthcare by offering a series of precision medicine initiatives. “In his State of the Union Address, President Obama unveiled the Precision Medicine Initiative to leverage advancements in genetic medicine that have come out of the Human Genome Project,” said Randy Farr, co-founder and CEO of Healthspek. “It’s about doctors and researchers analyzing the unique makeup of specific patients to personalize their healthcare and utilize prescription medications, procedures and more in the best, ...Read More

August 21, 2015

Trish Brown On Healthspek PGT

Trish Brown, MS, LCGC, co-founder and CEO of Kinetics Diagnostics, Inc., has been a genetic counselor for 25 years. She is passionate about using genetics to help doctors and other professionals analyze and diagnose a patient effectively—from a professional athlete’s muscle therapy to a chronic patient’s medication dosage.

Healthspek has recently launched a service called a pharmacogenetic test, or PGT. A PGT is a laboratory test of your genes that predicts how you respond to medications based on your unique genetic code. For example, if your test shows you are a fast or slow metabolizer of a certain drug, your doctor ...Read More

August 04, 2015

Healthspek How-to: Sending Records To Your Healthspek Account

Now that you've created a free Healthspek account and taken the first steps to populate your mobile personal health record, it's time to take the next step and learn how to send your records directly to your Healthspek account.

In our second Healthspek How-to, a new series coming to your inbox with tips and tricks to help you build and utilize your personal electronic health record to its fullest capacity, will take you step-by-step through exactly that.

We know that navigating the multitude of tools and services on Healthspek's myDashboard can seem overwhelming, but it's important to take ...Read More

August 03, 2015

Users Like You: Darryll

After a sudden medical crisis left Orlando, Fla., resident Darryll the primary caregiver of both his parents, he quickly learned the responsibility and workload of managing medical information for multiple people.

Like most people who find themselves in a similar circumstance, Darryll needed help managing his overwhelming situation. Healthspek was the solution he needed.

After creating an account for him and both his parents, Darryll was able to organize all of the medical information he was now responsible for and focus on what mattered most: providing the best care for his parents. Read his story here:

Being the ...Read More