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October 16, 2015

Deb on Healthspek PGT

Deb, a resident of the Northeastern United States, is a certified genetic counselor with 20 years of experience working in areas such as prenatal genetics, cancer genetics and cardiac genetics in both the clinical and research realms. That is to say, she knows about genetic testing.

But is wasn’t until Deb connected with Healthspek through her career that she learned just how accessible at-home genetic testing can be through Healthspek Pharmacogenetic Tests (PGT).

Read her story here:

I became interested in clinical genetics because it brought together many of my interests: science, ethics and the ability to work in a non-laboratory setting.

Most individuals who undergo genetic testing are doing so in response to specific life circumstances, such as pregnancy, a cancer diagnosis or a family history of a specific condition. PGT however has implications for everyone. The usefulness of this testing is applicable not only in the present, but in the future medical planning and management so an individual’s healthcare provider can best tailor prescribed medications.

I decided to order PGT testing because the results would allow me to have powerful information to discuss with my healthcare provider if I need any number of classes of medications prescribed. Avoiding medications that may not be effective—or that I may not respond to—will not only be beneficial to me, but time and cost effective.

When I first viewed the results, my first thought was, “What took me so long to pursue something like this?”

My PGT results are something that I can always refer to in future conversations with my healthcare provider if I need any number of prescription medications. I most appreciate having easy access to this information at all times in my Healthspek account so that even in the event of an emergency or when traveling.

I found the cost of testing well worth the investment given the information I now have and that will be relevant to me for the remainder of my life since because this is a genetic test, it does not have to be repeated.

Go here to learn more about pharmacogenetic testing. Because your genetic makeup doesn’t change throughout your lifetime, neither do your results. Follow the link here to order a test for you and your family today.

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