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September 02, 2015

Healthspek Launches Healthspek Precision Medicine

We are excited to finally announce announced that we, as a company, have expanded our commitment to providing consumers with tools and resources to take control of their personal healthcare by offering a series of precision medicine initiatives.

“In his State of the Union Address, President Obama unveiled the Precision Medicine Initiative to leverage advancements in genetic medicine that have come out of the Human Genome Project,” said Randy Farr, co-founder and CEO of Healthspek. “It’s about doctors and researchers analyzing the unique makeup of specific patients to personalize their healthcare and utilize prescription medications, procedures and more in the best, most effective way possible.”

In addition to our nationally recognized mobile personal health record​,​ which allows individuals and families to track, collect and safely disseminate personal healthcare information, the precision medicine initiatives are another way we are utilizing healthcare technology and advancements in personalized medicine to improve a vital part of the healthcare system: patient experience.

One of the first initiatives is Healthspek PGT, a service born out of a strategic partnership with MyGenetx, an advanced healthcare laboratory in Franklin, Tenn., that offers providers personalized medicine and specialized healthcare. Through Healthspek PGT, users and patients can order a pharmacogenetic test (PGT) directly to their home, and in two weeks, receive detailed results of how they metabolize medications.

The PGT is a laboratory test that analyzes DNA to determine how an individual will respond to certain medications based on their unique genetic makeup. The results of a PGT can help doctors better prescribe the correct medication and dosage with little to no trial and error.

“Pharmacogenetic testing is invaluable to patients who take medications for conditions such as heart disease, chronic pain, depression or high blood pressure—who’ve spent weeks, months or longer searching for the right medication with the fewest side effects,” said Farr.

“With this type of precision medicine, you’ll know right off the bat which drugs and in what doses are the safest and most effective for you.”

With the help of MyGenetx, patients can now have the test shipped directly to their front door. Postage and materials included, they simply have to send back a saliva sample and the results will be ready in approximately two weeks. In addition, each test concludes with an optional telephone counseling session with a genetic professional to ensure that people truly understand what their results mean.

“The great thing about PGT is that because your unique genetic makeup doesn’t change throughout your lifetime, neither do your test results,” Farr said. “People should share PGT results with their family and doctors to ensure they’re getting the right care when they need it. It’s a great asset to have, and it can be stored right in your Healthspek account, your wallet for life.”

PGT results are stored at no cost in your free Healthspek account, where they can be accessed personally or by doctors through ChartNow. Convenient access to this information can be vital in both routine and emergency situations.

To learn more about the testing process and to order a PGT for you and your entire family, visit

MyGenetx is a molecular and general chemistry laboratory, providing timely and comprehensive test results. With a national footprint in the areas of pharmacogenetics, chronic disease management, hereditary cancer, women’s health, corporate wellness, endocrinology and oral health, MyGenetx is committed to bringing affordable, accessible and actionable laboratory testing to everyone. Their research and innovative ideas in genetic testing are at the forefront, allowing them to offer personalized medicine and specialized healthcare options, beyond the traditional standard of care. To learn more, visit

Healthspek is a free personal healthcare tool run on a mobile Web platform. It is available for iPads through the App Store and accessible through the website on all PC and other mobile devices. To learn more, visit