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October 22, 2015

Healthspek Partners With Bcenter To Assist Stroke Survivors

This release was written and distributed by Bcenter on October 22, 2015.

Ever wonder what it would be like to access personal health records or that of family members from the convenience of your mobile device? Now there is a way and the Bcenter, under its parent company of Global Stroke Resource (GSR), a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing hope to stroke survivors worldwide, is expanding its reach through this new mobile technology provided by the consumer health startup called Healthspek.

Healthspek is a free platform available on the mobile Web—accessible from any device including PCs, tablets and smartphones—and an iPad app that's helped thousands of families and individuals across the country monitor personal healthcare records 24/7.

Bcenter is now featured as an alternative resource for account holders seeking stroke-related information and recovery. "It’s a great tool of independence,” says stroke survivor Valerie Greene, Founder & CEO of Bcenter. “Bcenter’s inclusion on Healthspek’s user dashboard will allow thousands of individuals to easily find stroke prevention and recovery resources, while we, at the Bcenter, continue our efforts to connect globally and locally.”

Healthspek users can personalize their account by selecting from a variety of “speks” to display on the dashboard. Here the user can see all vital health information at a glance. Healthspek CEO Bruce LeFew describes the dashboard as a tool that grants customers access to “actionable and relevant services” that help to address various health-related subjects. 

Healthspek is designed to fit users' needs, and the user-configurable dashboard means one can personalize content to view preferred and relevant content with just a few simple clicks. It includes unlimited navigation to everything from allergies, vitals and medication information to a repository for legal documents, nearest urgent care and access to medical/health related articles and so much more. To learn more, visit

About Bcenter:  Bcenter, a division of its parent company Global Stroke Resource, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to empower, educate and light the path to recovery for stroke survivors and families. Bcenter is dedicated to providing treatment resources, hope and direction. Founder Valerie Greene personally overcame grim odds in the aftermath of two debilitating strokes that nearly took her life at just 31 years old. Acknowledging that her miraculous survival and recovery could impact others afflicted by stroke or any disability, Greene crusaded for years to support healthcare advocacy, programs and education, and now serves as a stroke coach. Visit or call (888) 942-Bwell (9355).