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February 02, 2016

Healthspek Supports Health Matters at Work To Support Healthy Communities

Healthspek offers a wide range of personal tools and services to users, from healthcare information organizations and disease management outlets to personal reminders to refill prescriptions, attend medical appointments and more.

It’s through these resources that Healthspek is able to provide users a thorough personal and family health record, and it’s this emphasis on the importance of taking care of your personal health that has influenced Healthspek to partner with Community Health Charities, a national program that connects employees in the workplace with trusted health charities.

Specifically, Healthspek has partnered with Community Health Charities to help promote Health Matters at Work, which aims to connect businesses with charitable organizations that suit their employees’ needs and interests while encouraging a workplace culture of healthy lifestyle choices and giving.

“Community Health Charities creates and nurtures partnerships between nearly 2,000 of the nation’s most trusted and respected member charities and over 1,600 public and private sector partners who want to give their employees the opportunity to connect and support the health causes that impact themselves and their loved ones,” says Thomas G. Bognanno, president & CEO of Community Health Charities.

Health Matters at Work allows users to search for the ideal charity for their business using both location and area of need. For example, a business hoping to find volunteer outlets concerned with cancer in Arizona is able to search using both constraints so that results are curated for the specific inquiry. Areas of interest include health concerns such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and mental health/addiction.

Health Matter at Work also emphasizes the necessity of creating a workplace culture that places importance on healthful decisions and empowers employees to take advantage of free healthcare tools such as Healthspek. Health Matters at Work can be utilized as a resource to connect employees with local care and support services as well as philanthropic outlets.

“Community Health Charities brings the combined strength of our network of national and local member charities to the workplace, making it easier for employees to access the reliable health information, services and programs they need to improve their lives or the lives of people they care about,” says Bognanno.

Using Health Matters at Work in the workplace ensures employees that their health and wellbeing is important to the businesses they work with.

Healthspek’s partnership with Health Matters at Work is a reflection of our mission for personal health by encouraging the creation of a healthful community, which supports and sustains the health of many.

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