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November 18, 2015

Here For The Holidays: Healthspek PGT Cyber Monday Sale

We're offering a unique take on this year’s gift giving: purchase a Healthspek pharmacogenetic test (PGT) at a discount this Cyber Monday, November 30.

Healthspek is an award-winning personal health management platform that provides patients with relevant tools and services to help them take control of personal health information. By setting up a free account with Healthspek, users have access to everything from a personal electronic health record and medication management resources to a legal documents repository, an insurance agent finder and more.

Healthspek PGT—one such service offered through Healthspek—is a certified laboratory test that analyzes an individual’s unique genetic makeup to determine how an individual will respond to certain medications. The results of a PGT, which can be automatically sent to your doctor, can help doctors better prescribe the correct medication and dosage with little to no trial and error.

“We want to encourage people to think outside of the box with their holiday shopping this year,” said Healthspek Co-founder and CEO Randy Farr. “What do you give the person that already has everything? What’s something they will appreciate and truly use? Healthspek PGTs are a unique and thoughtful gift, especially for a parent or friend who suffers from a chronic condition, or takes one or more medications.”

This Cyber Monday, November 30, Healthspek is encouraging everyone to visit and use the promo code CYBERMONDAY to receive a discount of $50 off on all PGTs.

“We can’t advocate the importance of taking responsibility for your personal healthcare enough,” said Farr. “Healthspek PGTs are a huge step in becoming more involved and provide a great platform to begin having educated and meaningful conversations with your doctor about your healthcare.

“Even if it’s for an otherwise healthy person, everyone can benefit from one of these at-home genetic tests because if there’s one thing you don’t want to be left in the dark about, it’s your health.”

To learn more about the testing process and to order a PGT for you and your entire family, visit

Healthspek is a free personal healthcare tool run on a mobile Web platform. It is available for iPads through the App Store and accessible through the website on all PC and other mobile devices. To learn more, visit