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November 04, 2015

JoAnne On Healthspek PGT

Franklin, Tenn., resident JoAnne H. takes several different medications for varying health issues. While some of the medications she was taking led to positive results, others made little to no difference, or worse, caused adverse side effects.

After learning about an at-home pharmacogenetic testing (PGT) through Healthspek, and how simple it can be to get down to the basics—the genetics—of prescribing medications and determining how her individual genetic makeup can determine her response to medications, JoAnne took action.

Read why she decided it was time to take her personal healthcare into her own hands and order a Healthspek PGT:

I heard about Healthspek through my son. He felt that the information from the test might be useful to me as I take several medications. 

The ordering process was simple and the test kit arrived quickly. The directions were clear and the test kit easy to use. I did have to call for clarification on how to access my results but now am familiar with that process.

The results of my test were interesting in that one category of medicine is genetically not as helpful to me and the test confirmed that. Another category of medicine that I don’t currently use was also not a good fit.

This was interesting because my sister and my nephew had been tested for this same category and had the same result as mine.

I shared the results with my personal physician so we would have the results for future medication changes or additions. 

I have already recommended the PGT to several friends—I think the test and results are very helpful to those with health issues and I am pleased to have my information.

Go here to learn more about pharmacogenetic testing. Because your genetic makeup doesn’t change throughout your lifetime, neither do your results. Follow the link here to order a test for you and your family today.

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