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January 21, 2015

Five Reasons YOU Should Use Healthspek

Healthspek is a free iPad app and mobile website that manages all personal and family health information in one secure place, accessible from multiple devices anywhere in the world.

The unique myDashboard helps consumers manage medications, track vitals and access care. Users can also record physician, insurance and emergency contacts, a personal photograph and even a signature, as well as allergies, medical charts and images and more.

The myInbox receives medical records and facilitates electronic communications with providers; with the patient’s permission, doctors can access records through Healthspek’s

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But why should ...Read More

December 30, 2014

Healthspek FAQ

We’ve seen some big changes at Healthspek recently, and we wanted to be sure everyone is up to speed.

It’s time we shine the light on some of your most frequently asked questions to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Healthspek account!

How can I create a Healthspek account?

You now have two options for creating an account:

1)If you are using an iPad, download the iPad app through the Apple Store here. Then, follow the simple steps to create your personal Healthspek account.

2)If you are using a desktop computer, laptop or smart ...Read More

December 04, 2014

Waller Healthcare & Big Data Series

On December 5, 2014, general legal counsels, legal professionals, healthcare executives and other community members interested in healthcare IT will gather in the Waller Law Conference Center in downtown Nashville for the first installment of Waller’s series on healthcare IT.

Friday’s discussion will address population health management from a variety of viewpoints, including implications in the legal and healthcare industries.

Also on the agenda is the use of data and technology to improve care coordination and outcomes; new technologies available to healthcare providers, payors, employers and patients; the role of employers in influencing employee health; and the protection ...Read More

November 25, 2014

Bruce LeFew’s View: Patient Portals

How many patient portals do you have?

Since I see myself as being not so much a caregiver’s role, but more of a “care-collector’s” role, I wanted to help my parents pull their medical records together. With them living 600 miles away, it is impossible to go with them to doctor visits, check their emails or look at the paperwork they bring home from office visits, so I figured I would simply get the paper work they have at home and make a call or two to the doctors’ offices and get their medical records. Well, it didn’t quite evolve ...Read More

November 19, 2014

How To: Create A Healthspek Shortcut On Your Desktop

While the only Healthspek app currently available is on the iPad, there is a simple shortcut for all other devices that creates a desktop icon similar to an app, but opens your account in the mobile web instead of an independent app.

To do this, follow along the step-by-step instructions below for the device on which you want to create a desktop icon.


  1. Open Safari and type in in the URL bar.
  2. Log into your Healthspek account.
  3. Locate the button that looks like an arrow coming out of the top of a rectangle at the bottom of ...Read More

October 22, 2014

Big (B I G) News At Healthspek...

We're thrilled to announce that our users can now enjoy universal access!

So what does that mean? This rollout ensures that you can view, upload and manage health records and legal documents on any smart device and/or browser from anywhere in the world, 24/7. 

In the midst of current healthcare reforms and chaos, our developers have addressed the challenge of enabling consumers to simplify their lives and take control of their own care.

Previously, Healthspek was limited to the iPad with its award-winning Personal Health Record (PHR) app. Now, account users can manage health records and legal documents through any web ...Read More

October 16, 2014

Simplify Your Life With Healthspek’s Medication Management Features

According to a recent AARP Health Innovations Frontier report, 19 percent of American adults ages 55-64 report forgetting to take their medication and 11 percent report running out. An even more alarming statistic is 100,000 deaths occur each year due to medication problems—the majority of which could’ve been prevented if better medication management and education had taken place.

This problem is not only dangerous but also extremely costly, with medication mismanagement costing the nation up to $289 billion each year. And this amount will continue to grow. By the year 2018, more than 90 million Americans 50 years of ...Read More

October 10, 2014

Healthspek Works With Apple Health To Aid First Responders

One of Apple’s new iOS 8 applications, Health, allows users to track and organize healthcare information on mobile devices. One feature of Health is the Digital Medical ID, which stores easily accessible, important medical information to aid first responders in the event of a medical emergency.

A significant part of Medical ID is that the information in the application can be accessed even when your mobile device is locked. First responders are able to get to the data using the emergency call screen available on all iOS 8 mobile devices.

We want to encourage Healthspek users take full advantage of ...Read More

October 01, 2014

AARP Health Innovation Frontiers

AARP recently released a report called "Health Innovation Frontiers: Untapped Market Opportunities for the 50+" in which they discuss the potential for entrepreneurs, investors and others in the private sector to market to those ages 50 and older leading healthy lives.

According to the report, the 50+ demographic is responsible for more than $70 trillion in annual economic activity, from consumer spending and health maintenance to charitable giving. As it stands, the majority of marketing efforts to the Baby Boomer generation is oriented toward sickness and treatments rather than healthy living and prevention. It's time to tap into the "healthy living" ...Read More

September 23, 2014

Partner Update: Walgreens

This past weekend, Walgreens VP of Digital Health Adam Pellegrini spoke at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference on the influence of consumer technology and wearables on promoting healthy lifestyles.

As the largest nationwide retail pharmacy chain, Walgreens dove headfirst into the new age of healthcare technology, and the company has successfully utilized digital health to benefit both Walgreens and its customers—and to promote personal wellness—through a variety of application programming interfaces (APIs).

One such API is the Pharmacy Prescriptions Program, which allows third-party mobile applications to quickly order refills of prescriptions to any Walgreens pharmacy. By allowing other companies ...Read More