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May 05, 2014

Managing Your Medications 101

Hello fellow healthspek fans. I've written quite a few blogs lately about how to do things on Healthspek's website so that you may benefit from all the features it has to offer. One such "How To" blog was how to use the Medication Reminder feature. So I'm not here to repeat myself and tell you how to do everything again, I just want to make sure you are getting the most out of your Healthspek account when it comes to your medications.

Do you know all of the medication tools Healthspek offers? Are you utilizing them? ...Read More

April 22, 2014

May I Have My Records, Please?

We all know about the many great features Healthspek has to offer, like PHRs (Personal Health Records) for you and your family, customizable dashboard, and refill reminders on your iPad. But one of the best features Healthspek offers its clients is the ability to request and receive health records from your medical professionals.

Now don't worry, this isn't like when you are trying to get a doctor appointment, and the receptionist says she can work you in in about a month and a half. The whole process takes merely a day or two, depending on how busy your doctor is. ...Read More

April 14, 2014


(LOL) Laugh out loud. (TTYL) Talk to you later. What? You don't know what PHR stands for? Well, I didn't either. But I can now tell you that I will not find it on my teenager's phone when I secretly read his texts. (Did I just admit that out loud?) PHR stands for Personal Health Record, and Healthspek is here today to tell you its importance.

A PHR. Personal Health Record, is an electronic application (You can create one at used by people to maintain and manage their health information in a private, secure, and confidential environment. You ...Read More

April 09, 2014


Accolades Continue for Nashville-Based Personal Health Management App

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - On the heels of a 2013 filled with honors, developers of the Nashville-based personal health management app Healthspek have earned another significant recognition: an invitation to pitch the product to thousands of consumers and prospective investors at AARP's national expo in May.

"This year we attracted 193 excellent companies that applied to be one of our 10 finalists. In the two years we have conducted this event, we have seen more companies apply and a growing number attract investment," said Jody Holtzman, AARP's Senior Vice President of ...Read More

March 28, 2014

Medical Spring Cleaning

Okay, so I'm just going to blunt and put this out there? Are you completely disorganized? Do you have paperwork everywhere? Do your friends think you are a paper hoarder? If you are, then its probably not just unpaid bills and unfiled papers laying all around your home. What about prescriptions, doctors' phone numbers, important insurance member ids? Can you find them all quickly when needed?

You know, there is something to help you with your disorganization. And once it's set up, you won't have to do too much. There is a website called that will totally set ...Read More

March 18, 2014

The Art of Adding & Deleting

In today's world of communicating with everyone through facebook, most people are totally aware of the terms "friending" and "unfriending". (And as a side note, I am on the verge of unfriending everyone who keeps posting photos of what they ate. It's not important and I don't care.) What I do care about, however, is that on my Healthspek account, I can add and delete people also.

So how exactly does one go about adding a new member to his account? First of all, unlike on Facebook where you have a bazillion friends you may or may not know, when ...Read More

March 18, 2014

Bling Beep "Medication Reminder"

Bling. Beeb. Boing. Whatever sound you set your ipad to, when you hear that beep, check the screen for your medication reminder. It will be popped up to read. You don't even need to do anything; just read your screen and take whichever medicine Healthspek just reminded you to take.

It doesn't matter if you are a person who needs to keep track of numerous medicines or a person who was just prescribed an antibiotic for ten days. (That would be me this winter. Thank you children for bringing that junk home from school with you.) With the help of ...Read More

February 23, 2014

You’ve Got Mail

Okay, we all know the 1998 movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan called You've Got Mail. Do you also remember way back twenty years ago, when your dialup AOL would alert you out loud that to new mail in your inbox by saying,"You've Got Mail"? Well e-mail is still around after all these years, but it has changed a little. Keeping up with the times, Healthspek utilizes e-mail too, but they took it, improved it, and made it their own. Here's how it works…

First of all, you are probably wondering where to find your personal Healthspek inbox. Once ...Read More

February 17, 2014

Why & How Would I Create Additional Accounts?

So, you are signed up with Healthspek and wondering why in the world you would want to have multiple accounts? That's simple…for your convenience. But first, let me explain something quickly. You can have as many free accounts as you wish through Healthspek, but you don't necessarily need to have a separate account for every person, unless, of course, you want to.

Each account can have unlimited member records connected to it, so when are signed in, just click on the person's photo whose records you'd like to see or update. You may want your husband and young children all ...Read More

February 11, 2014

Do Your Speks Help You See Clearly?

I bet I know what you're thinking. "Is this a blog about glasses?" Wrong. Specs would be short for spectacles and I clearly typed Speks with a "k". So maybe you should consider getting specs with a "c". Just kidding. So what is this blog about then, and what is a Spek?

Healthspek is the up and coming app for your Apple devices that keeps track of and helps you see clearly, all your and your family's Personal Health Records (PHR) in one convenient spot. Actually, it's more than up and coming, it was the recipient of Apple's 2013 Appy ...Read More