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What is Healthspek?

A free personal health record (PHR) iPad app and mobile website that empowers consumers to OWN YOUR CHART. Check out our Healthspek overview video, or go here for more information about the Healthspek's uses and features.

Can family members be on my Healthspek account?

Yes, other members can be part of your Healthspek account and have their own chart separate from yours. There is no additional cost for members on your Healthspek account.

There are certain circumstances when you would want to purchase a separate Healthspek account. For example, if you have elderly parents whom you care for, if you are a foster parent or if you care for a disabled adult child. See this short video to learn more.

How secure is your data?

  • Point-to-point SSL encryption from the server to your electronic device.
  • Physical security includes locking down and logging all physical access to our data center.
  • Operational Security involves creating business processes and policies that follow security best practices to limit access to confidential information and maintain tight security over time. ISO 27001/2-based policies, reviewed at least annually.

What is a "carry card?"

It is a wallet-size, hard plastic card which contains relevant personal medical information in case of emergency. If you want, the ChartNow access code can also be printed on the carry card. Learn more about the carry card in this video.

How much does a carry card cost?

Cards are $2.99 each.

What if I lose my carry card?

If your ChartNow access code is printed on it, re-issue a new access code from the ChartNow section of Healthspek. Watch this video for detailed instructions.

After you have re-issued your access code, you can order a replacement card with the new code on it from within the Healthspek app. Learn more here.

Can I get my medical records from my doctor?

There are several options available to patients for collecting personal health information. One way is to log in to your hospital's or physician's patient portal and download your records. 

The government private-public party initiative Blue Button gives VA and Medicare patients the option to collect personal health information from their doctors.

Many states also have immunization registries that allow you to login and download your records.

Talk to your doctor to discuss the best way to collect your records.

How do I give my medical chart to a physician at an office or ER?

Have a doctor or staff go to and give them your personal secure access code to view your Healthspek chart. Learn more from this video.


So start now—it's free! Click here to start an account and get in control of your health records.