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Healthspek takes great pride in its user satisfaction, and in carefully evaluating feedback to develop the most comprehensive platform possible. 

We've been able to get to know some of Healthspek's early adopters. Here's what they have to say about the app:

What Others Are Saying About Healthspek

Mike's Story
Where He Calls Home: Texas

Mike lives with his wife in Texas and travels often for work. As someone with a number of medical issues, he needed a better way to keep his important medical information with him while he was away from home.

After buying an iPad two years ago, Mike began searching through the Apple Store for an app that could serve as a repository for his medical information. What he needed was a place to store his full medical history, track his vitals, manage his medications and more.

Healthspek was one of the first apps he came across, and when compared with the other health record tools he found, Healthspek was the best fit for Mike because it was the only app that could file everything he needed to keep track of on one easy-to-use platform. It also served a critical role for Mike during a recent medical emergency. 

“I have a job that requires a fair amount of travel away from home. Because of this, I have set up Healthspek as the repository for my medical history. In August of 2014, while I was on one of this travels, I had a mild stroke that put me in the hospital for six days. When medical professionals asked me about my medical history, I was too befuddled to answer them clearly, but I was clear-headed enough to open my iPad and the Healthspek app, which I then gave to them. The nurses were particularly appreciative that I was able to give them a clear history when my head was anything but clear.

Thank you for this app."

Donny's Story

Where He Calls Home: Florida
Donny P. had been looking for the best tool to manage his health records for a while, using a trial-and-error method to try out various applications--and paying up the $5 dollars for some. But he never found any one tool that suited all of his needs... until he downloaded the (free) Healthspek iPad app.

Donny says he found Healthspek to be much more comprehensive than any other tool he'd tried, with specific features he needed and an appealing layout. Because Donny visits the doctor every three months to have lab work checked out due to an existing medical condition, he is always asked questions like, "what are your levels?" and when "when was your last shot?" He says being able to keep track and keep record his medical information in one application has been, and will continue to be, extremely impactful on his life.

Healthspek is definitely a tool I'll use. Because I have HIV and go to the doctor often, I'm constantly asked about things like my bloodwork—and they are constantly turning around and asking me the same questions. I've said in the past, 'I don’t know, you’re supposed to keep up with that!' This will help.

"I would definitely recommend this app to others, and I know it to be useful. I'll be passing this on to others in situations like mine."

Niki's Story
Where She Calls Home: Illinois
When Niki H. first downloaded Healthspek, she was in dire need: as her grandmother's primary caregiver, she need a tool to safely store all of the matriach's information, past medical history, medications and appointment reminders. She tried out several similar apps, but found Healthspek to be the most comprehensive--and has been using it ever since. 

Since she has started using the app, Niki says it's impacted her life on two fronts. First, she was able to share her grandmother's information with any of her doctors or individuals overseeing her care. But Niki also uses it on a hyper-personal level: she has a medical condition, and uses Healthspek to manage her medical needs and appointments. She says she breathes a bit easier knowing that if something were to ever to happen to her, that her fiance and 11-year-old son know that all of her information is safely housed--and easily accessed--within her Healthspek account. 

“ I would absolutely recommend Healthspek because it has all of the information you would need in order to care take of somebody. I can tell you that even the nurses and doctors were very impressed with how much it stored, and that I had everything I needed right there with me.”

Myrtle's Story
Where She Calls Home: North Carolina
Myrtle S. had been looking for a resource to store her healthcare information for a while. For many years, she would run home after a hospital visit or doctor's appointment to record each individual medication, blood pressure reading, lab result and diagnosis. Myrtle printed out documents, and kept close track of her filing system--but found it exhausting. It wasn't until she bought an iPad and downloaded the Healthspek app that she found a platform to store and manage all of her healthcare needs. 

As of May 2014, Myrtle has been an active Healthspek user for 12 months. Here's what she has to say about her experience:

"In today's world, with so much going on, it's important to have something like this as a preventative measure. This app has been a super thing, for both me and my family. And I love pulling it out for the doctors and nurses, because they're always so impressed.
This is an app I would recommend to every single person."
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